Cavaliers News · Athletic Facilities Reopening Guidelines

Please click on the link below to read the information on Clackamas High School reopening their facilities.  We have to make sure we are following these guidelines to stay open.  We will need your help for us to do this safely.  On Friday, my plan is to let you know which sports will not be doing anything during this time.  Some sports may start later than the 2nd and we have some sports that will not do anything during this pre-season.  This is not mandatory and if anyone is a high risk they should not be participating.  If your child is sick please do not send them to the workout.  We want to keep everyone safe.  The workouts will only include conditioning and skill work. The Head Coaches from each sport should be communicating with your child (if you have registered on Family ID).  Remember Family ID and a current physical has to be on file for your child to begin on Monday.

If you have questions please call the Athletic Office.