Cavaliers News · All of Clackamas Spring Varsity Athletic Teams earn a 3.0 or higher

The OnPoint Community Credit Union Academic All-State Program recognizes outstanding achievement in the classroom. The boys and girls team in each OSAA-sanctioned activity with the highest team grade point average (G.P.A.) earns the Academic All-State Award. Each member of a winning team receives a commemorative decal and a certificate. The school receives a plaque in honor of its team. Members of the top ten schools in each activity at each classification are also recognized.

Clackamas High School is proud to say every Spring Varsity Athletic Team and every OSAA Activity had above a 3.0 GPA.  We had 10 of our teams in the Top 10.  Congratulations to our athletes, students, and coaches.  Way to go CAVS!


Baseball                           #14                3.47 GPA

Boy’s Golf                        #27                3.21 GPA

Girl’s Golf                        #6                  3.83 GPA

Softball                             #3                  3.78 GPA

Boy’s Tennis                   #17                 3.56 GPA

Girl’s Tennis                   #2                  3.87 GPA

Boy’s Track & Field       #8                  3.55 GPA

Girl’s Track & Field       #9                  3.71 GPA



Band                                #10                 3.55 GPA

Choir                                #8                   3.52 GPA

Orchestra                        #2                   3.68 GPA

Solo Music                      #8                    3.75 GPA

Speech                            #10                    3.70 GPA