Girls Varsity Dance · Clackamas Cavalettes present Slumber what would have been their State routine

Here is the Clackamas Cavalettes Dance Team performance.  This is what their state routine would have been for the state competition.  Please enjoy.  The coaches and Dance team members worked really hard to put this performance together.

We’ve decided it’s time to share our 2020 show, Slumber. 💚 Although it was still a work in progress, we are so proud of all our team accomplished this season and want to make sure our friends, family, sponsors and supporters can see what we spent the last few months working on. We are still hoping for one final performance but for now…enjoy! This was our performance at Liberty on March 7th. #slumber2020 #clackdance

Posted by Clackamas Cavalettes on Wednesday, March 18, 2020