Boys & Girls Varsity Swimming · Mt. Hood Conference Swim Results for Varsity

Congrats to the Varsity swimmers on their performance Friday night.  Here is a recap:

Congratulations to automatic state qualifiers Emma Gould, Owen Ngan,  Mitchell Hopper, and the 200 medley relay team of Owen, Mitchell, Ethan Tran, and Scott Visscher.
The girls finished 2nd to David Douglas. They had many excellent swims and performances, including several events where all 4 swimmers placed (places 1-12 score).
Emma was 1st in 100 fly followed by Hope Cursetjee (5), and part of the 2nd place girl’s medley relay along with Mirella Rutigliano, Mia Howard, and Mia Smith.  Emma also placed 2nd in 100 back followed by Mia Howard (3), Amelia St. Peters, and Selby Saguibo(9).
Mirella Rutigliano was 3rd in the 200IM followed by Mia Howard at 8th.
Mirella was also 3rd in the 100 breast followed by Makiah Clark (6), Ameiya Chan (10), and Sabrina Li (12).
In the 200 freestyle, Mia Smith placed 4th and Abi Ball placed 6th.
Mia Smith also placed 4th in the 500 free followed by Makiah Clark (10), Kayla Magura (11), and Hope Cursetjee (12).
CHS top finisher in the 50 free is Amelia St. Peters (4), Courtney Eichemier (6), Allison Condie (9), and Emma Peterson (10).  In the 100, Abi Ball was 5th; Allison Condie, 6th; Courtney Eichemier, 10th; and Emma Peterson, 11th.
For 200 free relay, the team of Mirella Rutigliano, Abi Ball, Allison Condie, and Amelia St. Peters finished 3rd; and the 400 relay team of Mia Smith, Mia Howard, Abi Ball and Amelia St. Peters finished 2nd.
The boys had an exciting district win (shared with David Douglas).
Owen Ngan placed 1st in the 500 free followed by Duncan Cave (9) and Reinier Haich (10).  Owen was 2nd in the 200 IM, followed by CHS swimmers Tommy Xu (6) and Duncan Cave (12).
Scott Visscher placed 2nd in the 50 free with Ethan Tran at 5th. Scott also placed 2nd in the 100 breast with Tommy Xu at 8th.
In the 100 fly and 100 back, Mitchell Hopper placed 2nd.  In the fly, Ethan Tran was 5th and Masaki Lew was 9th.  In the 100 back Ethan Rebach placed 12th.
In the 200 free, Masaki Lew placed 9th.
The medley relay team of Owen, Scott, Ethan, and Mitchell placed 2nd and automatically qualified for state.
The 400 free relay of Owen, Ethan, Masaki, and Mitchell placed 2nd; while the 200 free relay of Masaki, Duncan, Scott, and Tommy placed 3rd.
We had 4 swimmers place in the high point :  Owen (3); Mitchell (7); and Scott (8). On the girl’s side, Emma was 6th for most points scored during the meet.
Thanks to the parents who brought snacks, timed, supported the team, and drove your kids in the snowy weather.
Thanks to the JV girls who came out (Dei, Toni, and Emily — if I missed seeing you, I’m sorry).
Special thanks to injured swimmer Alayne Jenkins who has attended every single meet with us in spite of her December injury.  Alayne has been our right hand woman during the meets helping with anything from starts to warm ups to whatever we have asked of her.
Even if we didn’t mention you as a top finisher, please understand how important your contribution has been to the team. My email yesterday spoke of our achievements as a total team effort, and “truer words were never spoken.”
I also want to give Jack Krammer a shout out for dropping 20 seconds in the 500 free style.  Amazing race,  Jack!
The rest of the state qualifier list will be published by OSAA before 10 pm tonight, so we’ll let you know.
Thanks again, to everyone!
Coaches Jenn and Rachael