Multiple Teams · Girls Basketball PIL Holiday Tournament information

Below are the links for the PIL Holiday Tournament.

2018 Holiday Classic Varsity Bracket (Franklin High School)

2018 Holiday Classic JV Bracket Updated – Sheet1 (1)(Cleveland High School and Marshall High School)

Southridge, Oregon City, Clackamas, and Sheldon:

Just to clarify on the JV bracket…..You will notice that after your first game you will either advance to the finals or consolation finals of your bracket which will take place on Saturday.  On Friday (Day2/Game 2) you will be playing the team in the same situation from the other bracket.  These are games 12 and 9 located in the center of attachment.  These games will have no bearing on the bracket itself.  Regardless of the result, all teams will resume bracket play on day 3.

2018 Holiday Classic JV2 Bracket (Franklin High School–Upper gym)